HTLetterspacer + glyph meta data

Something I’ve noticed from using HTletterspacer is that it occasionally won’t work on a particular glyph. Why? I suppose my /fl.dlig/ glyph does not match some list of lowercase glyphs and therefore can’t be identified as such for relevant processing by the config file. The same would happen for some component glyphs, eg “_bdpq-bowl”.

I can’t see any list within the HTL code so I’m guessing it’s pulling meta data from glyphsapp?

Is there a way I can manually edit metadata for fi.dlig or any other temporary component glyphs so that I can get HTL working?

You would have to ask @andrestelex.

If it is possible to manually edit meta data I’d still like to test my hypothesis :slight_smile:

AFAIK the scripts are open source so you do not need to ask for permission and can check for yourself.


The script seems to be sourcing metadata from glyphsapp. eg to determine if the letter /a/ is in a lowercase, uppercase, symbol, etc group. Therefore I would like to know if I can edit a glyph’s meta data within glyphsapp.

Yes. Either per font in Font View with Edit > Info for Selection or with a GlyphData XML. For the latter there is a tool and a tutorial.

If everything up to the first dot in a name is a standard glyph name and you do not use Font Info > Other > Custom Naming, the glyph will inherit the glyph data properly.

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Ahh… I knew I’d seen that window somewhere before. Thanks!

Disproved the hypothesis incidentally :expressionless: