Hyphens retained when exporting without using production names

When exporting with ‘Don’t use production names’ custom parameter, the hyphens are retained in the exported glyph names in V3. So ka-tamil remains ka-tamil in the ttf. This was not the case in V2 where ka-tamil was exported as katamil. I don’t see any problems with this as long as I stick with OpenType. I’m not sure about adding OT externally with makeotf though. My problem is with AAT. ftxenhancer complains when I add kerx table with hyphens in the glyph names. Is there anyway I can make the hyphens go away during export without too much work or going back to V2?

I fixed it.

But how does it work when you type the morx with hyphens and the exported font doesn’t have them?

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I’ll change the names in the morx (mif) by dropping the hyphens. Hyphens in mif files work. They don’t in atif files.