I can't export my font without it getting deformed


I’m having problems exporting my font. When I export it without autohinting it exports, but it deforms the letters, so it looks nothing like the original. When I try to export it with autohinting, it shows up a tab that says that there’s a problem autohinting the glyphs (all of them). I can’t export my font correctly and I’ve tried looking in the temp folder, I’ve corrected every path, added extremes, removed overlaps and also tried the tidy up paths letter by letter and I still can’t export it correctly. Can you help me fix this?

the first one is the font I designed and the last one is what happens after exporting

Are those thin lines single lines? Did you apply a line width?

Can you post a screenshot of one of the glyphs in edit view?

This font cannot be hinted. Do not use (auto)hinting with this design.

They are simple lines, not calculated and thickness

Those “simple lines” are not supposed in fonts. So you need to give it a very fine outline, something like 2 or 4 units. Or better 10.

Thank you, so i managed to solve the problem.