I.sc and j.sc no automated anchors

I noticed that Command-U doesn’t work for i.sc and j.sc.

idotless.sc and jdotless.sc seems to work, but aren’t those obsolete ?

Thanks, fixed it.

A thought: would it be an idea to be able to define a smallcap height in the Font Info ? Now the anchors snap at the x-height when using Command-U.

There is a custom parameter “smallcapHeight” in the master settings.

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Thanks. I checked and it does what I was looking for. I thought it was “just” adding information.

Obsolete? Why? First GSUB, then GPOS. So if you want to have mark-to-base, then ccmp (i/j to i/jdotless) and smcp/c2sc (i/jdotless to i/jdotless.sc) must have been executed before. Or am I missing something and did you mean something else?

I was mostly wondering why I couldn’t do automatic anchors on i.sc.