Please, fix i.sc position in font view.

Thank you

This appears to be fixed in the latest beta.
Can you confirm?

Version 1.4.3 (560)?

Now bring back double click to edit the letter
and fix i.sc position, please.

Hmm, I cannot reproduce it anymore. Do you have a custom GlyphData.xml?


It was a problem with a custom GlyphData file after all.

I have the same issue with the latest beta and I do not have i.sc in my custom xml. What’s happening?

Can you send me the file.

It happens with any file I add small caps to. Here’s one. New Font.glyphs.zip (2.1 KB)

I duplicated lowercase and replaced 001 with sc from the standard Find and Replace dialog.

Here’s another example, germandbls.sc as well as i.sc are not where I want them to be.

I can reproduce the germandbls.sc problem. But the i.sc is fine for me.