I want to buy Glyphs 2 license


Glyphs 3 doesn’t open at all even after installing the app.
I tried everything you and other users said(alt+shift, open as a different user, reinstall), but it didn’t work. So I used Glyphs 2 instead, but its trial period was over.

Can I buy Glyphs 2 license?
I already purchased the Glyphs 3 license, but it was not opened from the beginning, so it’s useless. So I want to buy Glyphs 2.

And here is a but report I got.

If you have purchased a Glyphs 3 license, we can send you a Glyphs 2 license. Contact us at the support e-mail.

Please schedule for screensharing appointment, also via the support mail or via forum DM. It makes more sense to fix your installation of Glyphs 3.

What version of MacOS do you have?

It’s Big Sur version 11.2.

hi George I was looking for glyphs 2 license too, where i can purchase it?

You can’t anymore. You can purchase a Glyphs 3 license, and request a Glyphs 2 license file. But why?