Idea / Feature suggestion: 45° constraints

Hi there,

Great program! I just wanted to share an idea with you, currently when you hold down the shift key, things like measurement dragging etc. are constrained to 90° (horizontal or vertical) - it would be great if we could say, hold down option as well and constrain to 45° angles (or perhaps a user-specific amount like 15° in Preferences). Is something like that possible?

Also the guidelines are horizontal / vertical planes, but it would be great to have those rotate so we can check the consistency of things like serif shapes etc.


You can rotate guidelines. After activating them, just drag them anywhere besides the knob. Or set the angle in the info panel.

There are no 45 degree constraints because we believe this is an angle value that is not very relevant in type design. If you do do need 45 degrees, you can still use guidelines.

Ah, thanks for that. For anyone else interested, I’ve basically drawn the guideline, rotated it 45° using your method, and then used the grey info box to round up the angle to 45° for accuracy. That’ll tide me over I think, as I wanted to intersect some curves at a given angle so I could make some angled terminals.

Edit: I also just discovered that if you check the “Measurement” box in the grey info panel, you can scan the 45° guideline over the glyph to check the thickness consistency of stems etc on an angle. Very handy!