IDname table problem

which custom parameter i have to use if i want to maintain the full name (very long) in adobe menu but a windows compatible short name.
I’ve tried to use PreferredFamilyName and PreferredSubFamilyName with the full name in it (these override the familyName table in font info if i am correct) and a shorter version in PostscriptFontName…
What i don’t understand completely (among many other things :sweat_smile:) is which is the IDname table that create compatible problems in windows OS for very long name.
I have read the the Naming tutorial and the manual but i didn’t found a way to solve the problem.

thank you in advance for your time

Additional information:
Is Font validator of myfonts uploading system that continues to give me an error about the name, but if i make a shorter version this will be hard to comprehend for adobe users.

Have you read the naming tutorial:

Can you tell me what your names are? Best course of action is usually to let Glyphs calculate the names, and not set any of the parameters.

All I know about Naming I put into that tutorial. I’d be curious to know which names don’t fit?

What do you mean by windows compatible short name? Names that are short enough?

Sorry i didn’t meant to bother you i have follow the naming tutorial but the warning still remain, maybe i didn’t understand some aspect. Anyway it is not the name of the typeface itself but the style name: Ex.: Whisper Pro Display Condensed Extrabold Italic

i have tried to follow this recommendation, for this reason i had set up the custom parameter PreferredFamilyName (for adobe users) keeping as short as possible Family name and Style name, and then i had add the parameter FileName in order to have a comprehensible file name for the costumer during installation…

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.