Idotless and kgreenlandic in Small Caps

Should’t the automatically generated OT featues for Small Caps (and also the CASE feature) contain also code for idotless and kgreenlandic?
idotless >
kgreenlandic >
Or am I doing something wrong?

I usually include an and I never include kgreenlandic because it is not in use, but if I would, I would also add a .sc variant.

And for the CASE feature you would include a and Isn’t this a bit awkward?

The case feature should not substitute letters. Only other glyphs like punctuation.

There is no uppercase conversion through OT features (except maybe for my cap germandbls solution in calt), because this is taken care of by the Unicode input already.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks!

For what it’s worth, kgreenlandic is apparently still in use in Inuttitut in Labrador.