Ignore in contextual anchors

I use contextual anchor in behDotless-ar.init
contextual anchor used when the letter reh-ar placed before beh-ar.init
It works properly.
But I want to ignore space or a comma between these two.
Is it possible?
Can I add a group for ignore in anchor context box?

and also Ignore marks
when I type [reh-ar kasra-ar beh-ar.init] contextual anchor not work.
How can I use IgnoreMarks;
@GeorgSeifert @mekkablue

You first question requires two different contexts. That is not supported, yet.

It would need:

[@Re @Ve]
[space, comma] [@Re @Ve]

for your second question. You can add lookup flags before the context, delimiting it with a ;.

lookupflag IgnoreMarks; [@Re @Ve]

Hi @GeorgSeifert
Thank you for responding

I think this part is very needed
I hope it will be updated soon

I tried, it doesn’t work

What version of Glyphs do you have (the four digit number)? The lookup flag support was added in 3.2.

I have 3.2

Does the anchor work if there are no marks in the string?

When I add

lookupflag IgnoreMarks; [@Re @Ve]

Nothing work
If I add class (one or more), anchor works