Ignore interpunction

is there a way to ignore all interpunction glyphs for fonttesting?

as example I like to get an fast overview on the first fonttab to select some glyphs after groups. all the interpunction glyphs are confusing me. is there an option like to klick on the category filter “interpunction” just to show them, but the invert way? I like to deselect them for the overview.

other case – in the testing view of one glyph. if I set OAO I like to jump with the A “show next letter” through the alphabet. there I just like to see the basic A and don’t need to show all A interpunction versions.

By ‘interpunction glyphs’, do you mean:

  1. interpunction glyphs like the period, the comma, the question mark, the exclamation mark, the slash, etc.
  2. diacritics like ÄÁÀ as opposed to A?

sorry, I mean the diacritics. maybe there is an option for all categories in the sidemenue?

What I would do is:

  1. set up a Smart Filter (Font tab > gear menu in the bottom left corner of the window) with these options:

  2. Apply the smart filter in the Font tab.

  3. In the Edit tab, you can step to the next glyph of the Font tab selection with Shift-End (Shift-Fn-right arrow on a MacBook keyboard).

yes like that… thanks!