IJ as single letters and as a StyleSet

I have a problem with the Dutch IJ …
(Yes, there are some posts, but they don’t help me to solve my problem).

I have created both the “historical” IJ/ij, as well as - the recommended - i_jacute …
But in addition I would like to offer the ligature form (marked green) as a style set. Not as LIGA or DLIG, but as SS.

When Glyphs generates the LOCL feature code automatically, and I want to have the SyteSet11 generated automatically as well, the SS11 is deleted.

lookup NLD {
language NLD;
sub iacute j’ by jacute;
ignore sub J’ @CombiningTopAccents;
sub Iacute J’ by Jacute;
} NLD;

What could be the reason for this?
Or: What would be the right code (LOCL vs SS11) to make the SS11 work?

I would be very happy to receive tips or the correct lines of code! Many thanks in advance!

There cannot be automated code in ss11 because I_J.ss11 would need to replace I_J, and you do not have that one in your font. So why not make ss11 a manual feature:

lookup NLD;
sub I J by I_J.ss11;
sub Iacute J by Iacute_J.ss11;

…and so on.

Thank you very much for the answer!
Yes, of course I can do that.
I just wasn’t sure if the problem wasn’t somewhere else and that’s why the whole StyleSet would be deleted.

One last question, should it then be
sub Iacute J by Iacute_J.ss11;
sub Iacute J’ by Iacute_J.ss11;
So with apostrophe? (That would include all J-versions, wouldn’t it!?)

Thanks again for the support!

This, I suppose. Because this is a ligature, while the other line you posted is a contextual replacement of the J and you would end up with an IIJ sequence, which wouldn’t make sense. But then again, perhaps you are doing some ultra-stealth sneaky OT hack I am not aware of.

Thank you! I’ll probably do it the way you suggested for now.
And then I’ll continue to work in secret on my OT feature bomb that will leave you all speechless! :rofl:

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