Illegal Character Error

Hello to anyone that can help. I am getting an error when exporting my font, and I can’t figure out how to resolve it. This is my first time using Glyphs.

You can’t use the “,” (comma) in the class name. You need to spell it out.

Thank you, Georg! I was hoping you would be the one to respond – I’ve learned a lot here from your comments.

But sorry, I don’t understand how to fix it. What do I do?

Oh wait! I figured it out. Kerning table. Thank you, Georg!

Actually Georg, I do have one more question: My font has five weights. When I export it, it exports each weight as its own .otf file, rather than a single one. How do I fix that?

What do you mean? Do you like to have all five instances in one file? That is not supported in .otf. You could package the single fonts in an .ttc (TrueTypeCollection) or .otc (OpenTypeCollection). Glyphs doesn’t support those formats. There are tools that can do that with the single fonts.

Or do you mean you like to export a variable font. Then you need to select the variable font export in the export dialog.

Ugh. Sorry, I’m an idiot! Never mind! :slight_smile: