Illustrator command equivalent to Remove Overlap in Glyphs

Which should be the equivalent process of removing overlap in glyphs in Illustrator? Just tried the boolean operations with no luck… can’t figure

thank you

In Illustrator CS6, Window > Pathfinder (or Cmd-Shift-F9). From the palette that appears you have a choice of several items appearing as icons. The first one on the left should remove overlap for you…

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Yeah, tried that but I didn’t got same result as in Glyphs. When I paste to Glyphs, I still got overlaps problem…

Perhaps post a screenshot here of what you are seeing when you paste into Glyphs? What version of Glyphs are you using?

In some (older) versions, you have to hold down the option key to merge shapes. Otherwise you get a sort of compound shape instead (with overlaps preserved). The reverse is true in recent versions (i.e., as George describes).


What are you trying to do. Cleanup the shapes before you copy to Glyphs? You could just as well keep the overlaps and remove them on export.

@MarkSimonson I will try that! thx
@GeorgSeifert Yeah, problem with that is that is a complex font aka distressed - I need to do it when paste or before in order to work smoothly

@George_Thomas illustrator CC 2017 and Glyphs latest edge