Illustrator Icons into Glyphs Mini

I am building an icon based font with Glyphs Mini when I import my Illustrator CC 5.5 the lines get altered so as to be completely useable as a reproduction of what I had drawn in Illustrator. I have tried many of the suggestions in Importing from Illustrator | Glyphs
Here is an example of the problem. All of the ends in the drawing were 90 degree angles

Any thoughts as to a correction would be helpful.

What are your grid settings? Maybe enter a ‘10’ in the subdivision field (the second number)? Or remove the grid altogether by setting the main grid to zero.

Thanks much for that input, I’ll try that. It does look like the art responds to the grid, as it changes the shape on import. When I try to correct it snaps to the grid.

Thanks, Georg, finally got around to testing your solution and it worked. Ai files went in without change with the grid gone. I have to rebuild with the “0” subdivision on the whole font. Thanks much, this project will be my first with Glyphs Mini as I working with the other app. I’m astroluxtype at