Illustrator Import Alignment Issues

I am experiencing an alignment issue when importing from Illustrator. In Glyphs, I set the UPM to 1000. In Illustrator CS6, I set the width and height to 1000pt and the origin of the page to left, bottom.

When I copy and paste from Illustrator, the object aligns to the x-axis correctly, however, the object is 250 units higher on the y-axis.

Any recommendations?

Cince CS5 Illustrator has several ways to set the page origins. I’m confused about this every time I try it, too. Please have a look at this blog post:

Georg Seifert

Thanks for the blog post recommendation. I have read the post several times in addition to the PDF manual, without any success.

I sent an example of my Glyphs and AI to support at glyphsapp dotcom.

The object I am attempting to import extends to the full height of the ascender and descender, meaning it has a height of 1000 units.

Any recommendations how to properly copy and paste it from Illustrator so that it pastes at the 0 x-axis and 0 y-axis?

This is different in different versions of Illustrator. But it is described in detail in the handbook.

Georg helped me figure out a solution. I was able to successfully copy and paste from Illustrator by setting the y-axis to 250pts in Illustrator.

I had to offset the y-axis in Illustrator because my object reaches the full height of the ascender and descender.

I see. That’s because y=0 is the baseline, not the descender.