Illustrator text area aligns type to x-height instead of cap height

I’m not able to get a screenshot uploaded at the moment, so I hope my explanation will make sense. I’m working on a font that was originally started in FLS5 and recently exported from .vfb to .glyphs. I pulled it into Glyphs and made some updates. I exported it into the Adobe fonts directory and opened a document in Illustrator. I created a text area and typed some sample text into it. When I select my font, the tops of the letters break out the top of the text area instead of being contained by it. It is the x-height that aligns to the top of the text area. Another font I originated in Glyphs doesn’t do this. The tops of the caps are contained within the text area.

I looked at the metrics and at least the basics seem to be in order:
Ascender: 750
Cap Height: 700
x-Height: 533
Descender: -250

What other metrics can push the type up to align the x-height with the top? I suspect it has to do with its FontLab origins, but I don’t know what to look for. Thanks.

It depends on what you have set in Type > Area Type Options. By default, AI takes the bounds of the lowercase d for the first baseline offset.

This is covered here:

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Or are there some custom parameter with vertical metrics in the file. They are sometimes added by the vfb to glyphs conversion.

This makes sense. The lowercase are actually small caps. They have no ascenders, so the top of the lowercase d is the x-height. Thanks!

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