Illustrator text gets filled in

Hi all

The first time it work perfectly importing illustrator files into glyphs. On my second attempt for some reason the centres of my letters are being filled in.
Any idea how to stop this from happening?
My “A” for example has the centre section filled in, and when I try to draw a new path over the top it doesn’t “cut” out the white area in the centre.

Redrawing these in Glyphs is not an option as it’s all hand drawn stuff so keeping the natural lines is a must. Is there something in illustrator I need to do in order to make all this work? I can’t figure out what I’ve done differently.


This is most likely a problem with path direction. Try Path menu > Correct Path Direction.


Are you using the Pathfinder option in illustrator try exclude to see if that knocks out the centres of a letterform.


Thanks both.
I was using the Pathfinder, yes. And magically it suddenly started working. My knowledge of illustrator is limited as I’m more of a photoshop / after effects person but some order of things I did got it working in the end.
Fun times.


This tutorial might help you: