I'm new here and I have questions


I’m fairly new to typedesign and Glyphs. I’m going to the end of the trial period.
Because I haven’t decided yet and I have some questions.

  1. The Glyphs Mini2 will be able to create variable font?

  2. If the first time I’ll purchase the Glyphs mini, after that I want to upgrade the pro version, what is the actual upgrade fee?
    There is a time limit, to upgrade (Mini 2 to Glyphs 2)?

  3. I experienced under the trial period, the Glyps 2 has much more feature than Glyphs Mini 2. I like it better the pro version.
    I would like to kindly request a coupon code for Glyphs 2. I realy appreciate it. It would make my decision easier.

Thanks in advance.


We reimburse 66% of the price or Mini when you buy the full version. There is no time limit.

What kind of coupon?

Thank you for your answer.

Which offers a discount price.
What I saw on payment tab.

Can I get? :slight_smile:

You get a coupon when you upgrade from Glyphs 1 or if you are a student.

Copy that.
Unfortunately none of them. :frowning:

Maybe I don’t understand exactly. After I purchase the Glyphs Mini 2, I’ll get a coupon code for Glyphs 2?
If I need the pro version (Glyphs 2), I can upgrade anytime.
The upgrade fee is USD 198? (300 x 0.66 = 198)
This is correct?

The upgrade fee is 299.9 - 49.9 * 0.66.

I just bought the pro version. Glyphs 2.
I can’t open the license file, because the test period has expired.
I can choose only the close button. :frowning:

When I drag the license file the Glyphsapp icon, I got the same message:

Problem solved.
Working! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have a new problem.
I can’t update the cutting edge version.
This is my error message.

But there is in my StartupDisk in Application folder.
What is the problem?

can you re-downoad the app from the website and update again?

Before that I tried several times, and I always got update error.
Thank you, now is good. Update is ok.

One more question.
The latest cutting edge is stable for publish my first font, or I need to use the 2.4.4-1075?
If I need to use 2.4.4-1075, just simple overwrite the cutting edge version?

I am using the cutting edge version on a daily basis already. Unless you run into a specific bug (please report if you do), I would say, the latest beta is more stable than 2.4.4.

Thank you.