Image not found when pasting SVG into Glyphs Mini

Firstly, I had problem with finding any information about SVG files in Glyphs Mini handbook. From other forum posts I assume I can import SVG by drag&drop or by pasting.

I tried with multiple files – created by myself (Figma) or downloaded from the internet. The simplest file I gave a try looks like this:

<svg height="24" width="24">
  <path d="M12 4 L20 20 L4 20 Z" />

I tried drag&drop, paste and Add Image. Everytime in the glyph edit view. Each time I got red text (not a dialog or something) Image Not Found: file-name.svg. Pasting PNGs works.

What am I doing wrong?

What versions of Glyphs Mini do you have?

Dragging the .svg you showed above into the edit view, results in this for me:

Glyphs Mini: 2.1.6 (116)

Works OK in Glyphs 3.1.2 (3151) though.

Was the glyph open for editing or was the text tool active?

Yes, glyph edit view was active, nad after your question I tried with many tools active – same result all the time. Do you need some screenshot or recording?

How exactly are you adding the svg. What do you mean be “pasting”? Where do you copied from?

Sorry for a late reply. I really appreciate your time of response.

I have the same result using 3 methods in Glyph mini:

  1. Copy file from Finder and pasting it in the glyph edit view
  2. Drag & drop from Finder onto glyph edit view
  3. Using Add Image menu command in the glyph edit view

In Glyphs (not mini) I encountared another problem – it pastes empty square for this particular SVG. I think I’m doing something wrong.

I tried to change file’s location, cause I was using Google Drive (downloaded file, though) but without success.

Can you put the file on the desktop or the download folder and make sure you can open it in Preview or any other image app. Then put the .glyphs file next to it and then add the file to the edit view?

If that doesn’t work, can you send me both files?