Import image and add path and points


Can I import images of letters I made in Power Point into Glyphs App and automatically add the path and points to it somehow? If so, how do I do this? Or do I have to trace my own letters after importing an image?

Thank you:)

How did you manager to make images in Power Point?

I don’t know about the data format of Power Point. If you can save as a pdf containing actual outlines, Glyphs can import them (File > Import > Outlines). Otherwise drag the image into the glyph and draw over it in Glyphs.

I just right click on it in PowerPoint and can save as an image to my computer. I save it as a PNG but I will try the way you mentioned.

Can you show an example?

PNG is a bitmap format, but in Glyphs you typically work with Bézier outlines. There is a tracing plug-in in Plugin Manager. Tracing attempts to find an outline that comes close to the bitmap picture. But it depends on what your images look like if tracing makes sense.