Import image and add path and points


Can I import images of letters I made in Power Point into Glyphs App and automatically add the path and points to it somehow? If so, how do I do this? Or do I have to trace my own letters after importing an image?

Thank you:)

How did you manager to make images in Power Point?

I don’t know about the data format of Power Point. If you can save as a pdf containing actual outlines, Glyphs can import them (File > Import > Outlines). Otherwise drag the image into the glyph and draw over it in Glyphs.

I just right click on it in PowerPoint and can save as an image to my computer. I save it as a PNG but I will try the way you mentioned.

Can you show an example?

PNG is a bitmap format, but in Glyphs you typically work with Bézier outlines. There is a tracing plug-in in Plugin Manager. Tracing attempts to find an outline that comes close to the bitmap picture. But it depends on what your images look like if tracing makes sense.

you can change the format that the Mac uses for screen shots to PDF and that can then be brought into any vector program and you can grab the letterform, it will need editing.

Screenshots are alway pixels. Just storing them in a PDF would not change that. You need to trace the image somewhere.
Or are you making the screenshots from an app that has outlines? Then maybe copy pasting them directly?