Imported custom values and vertical metrics oddity

I have imported legacy font files from FLS7 to Glyphs3. When I export them, they appear all bunched up in Mac FontBook as if there is a vertical metrics error but were fine prior to the transition.

The following list of “custom Values” came over in translation:

If I delete all the custom values [or some of them] will the problem go away?

I ended up deleting the whole string of custom values that came in with the translation and it looks fine now. Should I always delete all “custom values” brought in from FLS?

At least check them out. Some values might be needed. The hheaAscender is wrong. The rest looks OK but Glyphs can generate them for you so you dont need them.

I assume it was the hhea values. They look like they were made for a UPM of 1000, while all other values suggest you have a much higher UPM.

I suggest hhea values replicate the typo values. All I know about vertical metrics I put together in the tutorial.

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My UPM is 2048 from day one. My assumption is that the vertical metrics were never properly recognized during the initial translation from FLS5 to 7. I will make a habit of dumping all custom values from now on.

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You might what to keep some of them. That might keep the line spacing compatible with the older releases of the font.

It has not been released yet but that is good to know, Georg.