Importing fontlab extensions .vbf files fully

I need the ability of fully importing from Fontlab a font or different glyphs designed with Fontlab to Glyphs app without any disruption. I hope it to be done soon.
I don’t need to have Fontlab installed. I just want Glyphs.

There is a script that runs inside FLS that can write .glyphs files:

You have vfb2ufo font converter to convert VFB to UFO. You can easily open UFO on Glyphs. It works great. And you don’t need to have FL installed.

That doesn’t support Multiple master fonts but is a great tip. I forgot about it.

It generate one ufo file per master.

To Georg,

Will these scripts allow me to generate a Glyphs file as I have moved over to Fontlab Studio 5 and would like to have a copy of any files for future use with Glyphs.


There are Glyphs import and export scripts in Georg’s repository (both for FLS use).

I used vfb2ufo with success, but indeed wasn’t a multiple master project.

guys can u give me some hints on using vfb2ufo converter, I’m not familiar with Terminal command lines,

I’m getting this error (no matter where I place my vfb file)

Source font file “Creative” is not accessible.

Sorry to bring this old post back

You can use the FL macros in the Schriftgestalt repository on get up. Read the tutorial on importing existing fonts.

To use the vfb2ufo converter, first drag the tool into the terminal window, then hit the space key and then drag the .vfb file into the same window. The hit enter. (I didn’t tried this right now as I’m not on the Mac. Will try tomorrow.)

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works nicely, thanks

I’m sure you have better things to do, but the instances defined in FontLab are not exported, and I get Glyphs files that can’t be opened by Glyphs.

Sorry, that was probably a connection problem between the Mac emulation and the server, after I copied the file to the desktop it opens fine. Great script, keeps all PS hinting.

How did you define the instances? Do you have a sample file?

I suspect FontLab 5 does not provide support to access lots of font data using Python.
Family alignment zones, instances, axis graph and probably more info is missing.
FontLab instances are defined in Font Info > MultipleMaster > Instances, and they can optionally be mapped to an axis graph, which also needs to be interpreted to get actual axis positions.
I will send you a file :slight_smile:

I had a look and I can’t find a way to access it.

VFB2UFO and FontLab 6 can’t access that info eiter :frowning:
Thanks for checking.

I hope this is the right place to put my question.

I used the Glyphs from the repo you posted and it says in the description

[…] This preserves hints/links, […]

Since it was a font with TT curves and hints I expected to see the hints in Glyphs as well when I turn on the TrueType Instructor. Sadly all I can see are PS hints.
Is this expected behaviour? Is there a way to see my preserved hints somehow?

I didn’t have a look at that script for a long time. What version of FontLab do you use?