Importing from Illustrator - Curved Strokes Are Distorted

Hi there,
So I have made my characters with illustrator, mainly with curved strokes, and I am having a difficult time trying to import it to Glyphs as the bottom part of the curve often get distorted (top part of the curve is usually okay). I have tried to import other characters but it a common problem across all characters, and with different shape distortion for the bottom curve. Please see below for an example:

This is what the character looks like in illustrator

This is what it looks like after I paste it to Glyphs. Left is pasting after ‘correct bonds’ and right is pasting without seeing the unusual bounds dialogue.

I tried to manually fix it after pasting but the end result looks different to how it was originally designed in illustrator. Can someone please give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot!!

In fonts, you usually work with integer coordinates. This is fine for normal use cases but can be a problem with small details like your round corners. There are two things you can do. Try a bigger UPM or disable the grid altogether. The later option only works for CFF based fonts and will produce significant bigger files.

Thanks so much for your reply Georg, I tried with bigger UPM and it works well!

What UPM do you use now?

I am on 2048 now!

Good. I feared that you would go much higher, because that cause problems.