Importing Kerning data from .metrics/.csv file

I don’t get it how to reimport a .metrics or .csv file with modified kerning info.
First I delete in the Kerning window all kerning data from one master. In Font view I select all glyphs. Then I choose Import > Metrics and select the new .metrics or .csv file – but nothing happens, the Kerning window rests empty.
What am I doing wrong?

Wait a minute. After Import Metrics, you get a dialog asking you which info you want to import:


I just tried again in Version 2.6.1 (1204), and it worked for me.

Thanks. I don’t see a difference how I am trying to import the metrics file. But I work with Version 2.6 (1192) - I will try again as soon as I can update to 2.6.1. By now, I get …

I didn’t change anything related to the metrics import in the latest version. So 2.6 is fine (you need to activate “Show cutting edge versions” in Preferences > Update to get 2.6.1).

For some of the Metics import you need to select some glyphs before it works.

You can try the latest beta if you like. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.

Thank you both. I will try and report here later.

After more tests, importing the kerning data worked fine except in one master. But there the error must lie somewhere in my modified Metrics file.

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