Importing Spacing Formulas (Linked Metrics)

Is there a way to import spacing formulas for Linked Metrics (lsb of m,r,p = lsb of n and so on)?

Secondly, has there been a template for spacing published anywhere that we can import - which sets up the spacing groups (obviously I can use any previous font I’ve designed but I think this would be useful for anyone starting a new font)?

You like to copy the values from one font to another? Not that I know.
Yes, not the values themselves but the spacing formulas I've created already for a .Glyphs file:

I’m generating a family from METAFONT and the kerning and spacing is really off (or non-existent) so I import the values from a .glyphs file I’ve already worked on. However, across weights some base metrics change, but the formula stays the same.

Is it simple to make a script that imports the spacing formula instead of the numerical values – I would do it if I knew anything about programming…

This is indeed a quite easy thing to do, the perfect opportunity to start scripting.

Having had a look at the metric scripts with similar functions, “Find and replace in metrics keys” and “steal side bearings” I think this is much beyond me…