In my variable font, metrics are not dynamic!

In my variable font, metrics are not dynamic!
I have some resizing with weight gain and I need to change the ascender and descender in metric of masters.

What exactly is your issue?

This is the metric setting in my font (images)
But in my exported variable font there was no change in the height of the rows.

Two things:

  1. The height of the rows is not determined by the font in design software. Only in office software
  2. Not sure the vertical metrics can be variable at all.
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The vertical metrics are variable in the MVAR table. It is on my list for some time…


Yes they are, even the italic angle can be :slight_smile:
Like Georg says, he’s aware, I’m waiting for the implementation as well. Hope it’s taking virtual masters into account, too :wink:

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Virtual masters don’t have metrics so they can’t be variated.

That’s a shame. Shouldn’t be like that. What if you use your virtual master for extenders lengths — as it is even described in the tutorial, and which it is predestined for — The outcome is a variable font with changing extenders, the metrics should change accordingly.

That needs quite a lot changes. I’ll see what I can do.

No rush, please, just saying :slight_smile:

Could a virtual master also change the x-height (+alignment zones?) in vf too?

As I explained above, virtual masters don’t have that info. So it can’t be variated.

Is there any news on the implementation of the MVAR table?
Asking for a friend … and myself.

Not yet.