Inactive layers showing as visibly active

Hi guys,

I have had what I believe is a bug for two days now where the inactive layers of a glyph are visibly ‘active’. I think deleted masks are also visible. Obviously, the clutter is making it just impossible to use. Any ideas?


Also, this sort of confusion:

See the little eye icon next to Bold in the Layers panel on the right? Select the eye icon to close it. That may get rid of those layers showing up. See section 4.4 Layers of the Glyphs 2.3 Handook.

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There was a bug that should be fixed now. Which version are you using?

And make sure that you don’t use the “Select All” tool.

It was the “Select All” tool. The "double mouse’ icon is different on the drop-down menu but not once the tool is selected? That wouldn’t have helped me in recognising this issue, but still, perhaps something to consider.

Thanks a lot, chaps. Much appreciated.


I was up-to-date on the time of posting, and I’ve updated since that time, but Georg was right about the problem being the “Select All” tool.

Thanks, Erich!