Inconsistent web font export combinations

I’m seeing inconsistent results exporting the Aletheia Sans font (based on from

I’m opening the .ttf font in the trial version of Glyphs 2.01 (756), doing a Save As of the project file and in the Web Font Export options selecting Autohint and Truetype. No changes were made to the font. The export destination is my desktop. This font has 5740 glyphs. I’m running OS X 10.10.3.

In each case below, the app says the export was successful.

If I select nothing on the right (i.e. neither WOFF, WOFF2 or EOT) , no file is created.

If I select just WOFF, a WOFF file is created.

If I select WOFF and WOFF2, a WOFF file is created.

If I select just WOFF2, a WOFF2 file is created.

If I select WOFF2 and EOT, no files are created.

If I select just EOT, an EOT and a WOFF2 file are created.

If I select WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT, a WOFF file is created.

I didn’t check every possible combination but based on a few tests it seems that if OpenType/CFF is selected instead, the WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT files are exported differently. For example, selecting just EOT creates an EOT file w/o issues. But there are problems with this workflow too. For example, selecting just WOFF2 does create a WOFF2 file but also adds an error message saying a EOT file couldn’t be created and the app then crashes (a brief crash report was submitted).

Related, why is it possible to untoggle the export destination? Doesn’t every export need a destination?

I can’t reproduce this.

then it will ask for a path. If you need a different location for some font, you don’t need to reset the location all the time.

Here’s the link to the Glyphs project file in case you want to try it:

…and just in case it makes a difference, to the original .ttf font:

I might know whats going on. The compression to webfonts seems to be taking longer than the export notification would suggest. So if you check immediately after the notification shows up, the export is not finished yet (or the Finder takes a bit to show it). If you just look briefly and switch back, change the export setting and export again, the first export will show up when you look for the second round.

You are quite right. That was exactly it.