Incorrect requirements on the website of FontTable Viewer

I have been interested in their applications for a long time and I have tried to try them on several occasions, but I have never decided to purchase one. And one of the reasons has been that although they state that they are compatible with my 10.11 system I am not too sure about it.
For example, FontTable Viewer claims to be compatible with 10.9 or higher, however for several years now it has only offered versions for 10.11 since at least 2020 or with 10.12 since 2022.
If in all the time that has elapsed you have not had a moment to update the indicated requirements to the real ones, I do not have much confidence in acquiring anything. I understand that requirements change, and that older systems may have to be discontinued over time, but at least that’s stated correctly. And it would also be appreciated if you continued to offer the previous versions compatible with those “obsolete” systems.
It annoys me when new versions don’t support my system (or others) but even more so when they don’t even bother to state those requirements or don’t modify them when changes occur. For me it is more than enough reason to never buy the product. Even though, due to their functionalities, they would be interesting to me.

Thanks for pointing out that mistake. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

The FontTableViewer is a free tool. So no purchase required. Our payed apps that do have the correct requirements listed.

As far as I see it is possible that the commercial ones can be opened, at least the icon looks good in 10.11 and I can double click.
But really, it’s been a long time since I opened them and I don’t know if I could use them or if the test time has passed or even if it really opens or not. I’ll try again to see.

And although the one mentioned is free, it is supposed to be used by users (who, in turn, will be interested in the paid ones if we like them). And that happens by indicating the changes in those requirements or any other condition to be used without problems. Both by the user and by you: if they are correct there is no reason to contact support and occupy your time.

That’s why you can try all the apps for free and see if they work on your configuration or not.

Keep in mind that variable font functionality will be reduced on systems prior to 10.14, which was when Apple decided to support VFs properly.