Increase Line Spacing

Hi everybody. Is it possible to increase or assign a line spacing value on Glyphs? Because when I use my font on Adobe Illustrator it put automatically line spacing 14.4 pt, but it’s too little. Thank you.

You can alter the linespacing with vertical metrics (there is a good tutorial on the site) but why can you not change the line spacing in illustrator?

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The letters are too big for the default settings in AI? I believe what you want to change is the size of the glyphs, not the line spacing. Increase the UPM value in File > Font Info > Font.

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Thank you for the answer! Sorry if I bother you again, but what I have to write to increase the UPM value?

By the default, UPM is 1000. You select Units per Em in Font Info > Font, and type a number that is higher than that. For example, if you feel that they are a third too big, you change it to 1500, and export again.

For testing, you know you can use the Adobe Fonts folder, right?

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It works! Thanks for your time.