Increasing UPM across related families

I’m working on Big Shoulders, which is a collection of three distinctly different families (Regular, Stencil, and Inline). Technically, I need to increase my UPM in Inline to 4000 to handle the resolution of its finer weights in its VF.

is there also a technical reason I would need to swap the other two families, Reg and Stencil, to the same UPM? their VF renders as expected at 1000. I couldn’t find any warning against different grids in related families; thought I should ask here.

here’s the reason for Inline’s UPM increase, illustrated. TTF needs a super-fine grid for those inner strokes.

No. It should work.

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gorgeous. thanks so much.

Do you need it to work in Office Software too? In the past, we had trouble with MS Office (but already a while ago, so it may not apply anymore) starting at approx 4K UPM.

I kinda doubt it, but possibly. you’re talking about this 2014 thread, yes?

do you remember what office did with the fonts you tested back then?

I think it was two things: it either refused to display it at all, or it was minus-tracked like crazy (as if the glyph widths had not been scaled to UPM). In any event, something very obvious. A quick export and opening it in the current Word will give you clarity.

great, a good idea of what to look for. appreciate it!