Independent color marks in the different masters?

Hey there,

I have suggestion about the color markings. Currently when one marks glyph with color in one master it is marked in the other masters as well. I find this quite inappropriate as for example one glyph in Light Master can be ready and marked green, but the same glyph in the Bold Master which needs more work is marked green as well.

Personally I would prefer independent color marks. What do you think?

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I would find this more useful as well.


Sounds nice. But what do you do if you want to mark the whole glyph and not just a layer? I, for one, need this more often.

The is what it is meant for. If you need annotations on the layer level, use the annotation tool. I could add a small icon to the grid view if the layer has any annotation.

Hey Georg, that is actually a very good idea. I longed for this several times.

I agree, I do work with the marks themselves being Master-independant, i.e. if I’m using marks to tag something that needs certain attention, it’s not the same across different masters.

I see this is an old topic, but for me having color marks that can be different in each master would be very useful as well.
It gives the opportunity to see in a glance which glyphs need more work and which don’t.
Annotation is useful for specific remarks about the glyph.

You can. Hold the option key when setting the color will assign it to the layer.


Awesome, thanks!