InDesign Crashes

Although this problem is not directly related to Glyphs App I am trying to eliminate all possibilities.

Recently after I started exporting my Glyphs designs to my Adobe Fonts folder I started experiencing problems with InDesign. Every time I tried to highlight text in InDesign to change anything the program crashes. Is it possible that this is related to the attachment of Glyphs fonts to my Adobe font library?

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have been experiencing this for the last two updates of InDesign and I am currently running InDesign CC 2015 version

Thank you

It is easy to test if you remove or rename the font folder. Perhaps one specific font is causing the problem.

Glyphs does not “attach” to the Adobe fonts folder. It just exports files to the folder. Like Rainer said, get rid of it and see if that fixes it. If it’s still broken test the fonts one-by-one to find the bad one. Send the bad font and the source file to the glyphs devs to look at, and also submit a bug report to Adobe.