InDesign glyphs panel (glyphs mini)


In Glyphs Mini is there a way to delete all the keystroke spaces so I see all the characters together in the ID glyphs panel?

It’s in a symbol font with only a few characters


I do not understand what you mean by ‘keystroke spaces’. Can you send me the .glyphs file? To support (at) (this website without www), please. I will have a look.

Sorry, I didn’t explain that too well – Is there a way to remove all the (yellow) spaces in the screenshot of the ID glyphs panel when exporting the font – so that the characters appear in a continuous line

Select all empty glyph cells (except the space) and delete them or set them to not export. Then export again (Cmd-E). I hope you are using the Adobe Fonts folder to avoid font cache problems?

Hint: a smart filter can help:

Excellent! Thanks