InDesign to Illustrator

Hello, I have discovered a new issue. When I move a text box from Adobe InDesign to Illustrator, the font size changes.

I have noticed a few things:

  1. When I move a single text box, the font size remains the same.
  2. When I move two or more text boxes, the font size of the text boxes changes, decreasing by one character size and then returning to the original size.
  3. Some fonts do not have any issues, while others do.

I will send files with and without issues, Adobe InDesign files, and Adobe files through the message.


Not sure that is an issue that can be fixed from the font side. You should send a bug report to Adobe.

I have another piece of information to share. I opened a Glyphs file for a font that allows text boxes to be moved without any issues in Adobe programs, and then I copied the master of the font that was causing errors. When I generate the font in this state, the text box moves without errors.