InDesign treats static font as a variable

InDesign shows this TT/Variable button on the right, but it doesn’t work:

I have this code inside rlig feature and nothing more.

And I expect after the export only a variable font should have rlig feature, but I see it even in static fonts. Is it correct behavior?

Does it have the same family name as your variable font?

I think yes, static fonts and a variable one have the same family name.

Unless this VF setting changes the family name:

Does it?

However, I guess your question is do I have installed a variable font and static style at the same time. The answer is no. If I turn on a variable font I turn off static styles and vice versa.

How do you „turn off“?

I use Disable Family Name Family option in Font Book:


Don’t use Font Book for testing: Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs and Testing your fonts in Adobe apps | Glyphs

Oh, that’s right. I’ve read both articles but already had time to forget.

Thank you!