InDesign White Spaces not working

I have a problem with an OTF font family that I cannot figure.
Using InDesign, with tabular figures selected within a paragraph style, I cannot access InDesign’s various White Spaces; Em Space En Space, Thin Space, Third Space etc. Each space comes out as a word space.
I don’t encounter this problem with any of our other families. Any thoughts?

Can you send us the file?

I believe I’ve just done so.

Hi Rainer, did you receive the file?

Thanks, will have a look and an attempt at reproducing the issue a little later. Not on my Mac now.

I could not reproduce the problem with the file you sent me, it works as expected in InD 2021 16.0.1 on macOS Catalina 10.15.7. Both from the latest cutting-edge versions of Glyphs 2 and 3. Will send you a screenshot in DM.

The only thing I recommend is to ditch the CR and NULL glyphs. It is not related to (and does not affect) the display of spaces in InD 2021. But they are not necessary (anymore). OT 1.7 recommendations still included the ‘first four glyphs’ .notdef, null, CR and space, but the current recommendations dropped them.

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Thanks Reiner.
very much appreciate your time on this.

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