Initial forms for alternative lowercase set

I am wondering if it is possible to set terminal glyphs for lowercase alternative set for my script font.

I have the following code in calt feature:
lookup final {
ignore sub @medial ’ [ @medial @terminal ];
sub @medial ’ by @terminal ;
} final;

In “medial” class I have all my basic lowercase glyphs and in “terminal” all my terminal glyphs (basically, lowercase glyphs with shorter tails).

I’ve also included my alternative lowercase glyphs in “medial” class (called a.ss01 b.ss01 c.ss01 etc.) and terminal forms for those alternative glyphs (I’ve called them a.ss01.fina b.ss01.fina c.ss01.fina and so on - not sure if this is the correct way of naming those, though).

When I select text in Photoshop and my contextual alternates option is turned on and try to toggle stylistic alternates option, those terminal forms remain the same (from the basic set) - but I want them to change to those terminal glyphs of alternative set. Is it possible? The only way I can get to those terminal forms of alternative set is by going to glyphs panel.

Terminal forms are important in my font because tails are pretty long and they don’t look as good when they are at the end of the word. At the same time it would be great to have this small variation to toggle to alternative set (otherwise all terminal forms are being taken only from the basic set).

Why not use .fina.ss01 for the alternate terminals and push the ss01 feature after the positional features. Then you can activate the stylistic set 1 through your OT options.


Thank you so much, Rainer, it worked! You made my day :slight_smile:

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