Insert non-interpolating characters?

I’m adding a few special characters to an eight-weight family and finding that they really can’t be interpolated: too many changes of structure from weight to weight, and the breakpoints between structures don’t occur at any of the four masters I’m using (Light, Semilight, Regular, and Bold). (The rest of the characters are interpolated normally.) What’s the simplest way to insert a hand-drawn character for each weight?


You could add a brace layer for each master. You need to set the values in the braces exactly as the masters.

I have four masters and eight weights, but the weights are not evenly distributed between masters. So, if the structure changes twice between the Regular master and the Bold (corresponding to Black) master, wouldn’t I need to add up to three brace layers for some masters, one for each version of the glyph?

Would I also need to add a corresponding brace layer with matching structure for to the next-lighter master? For instance, if I add Bold [275], Bold [345], and Bold [400], do I also need Regular [275], Regular [345], and Regular [400], each with a structure that matches the Bold version?

I was wrong. You need to add a brace layer for each instance.

Thanks, Georg!