Installing and restart

Using Mac OSX-SnowLeoprd, after upgrading with “install and restart” Glyphs relaunches with the update. However, the cache prevents being able to right click (Control Click) > Open With with the upgraded version. Is it possible to clear the Gyphs “cache” on the new install? New to experimenting with Glyphs, but love what I have seen so far. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

Do you mean, the context menu in Finder to open a file with Glyphs? What file do you want to open?


Yes! The last update corrected the problem. The icon that shows in the Mac OSX Dock, now is replaced with the updated shortcut on relaunch. This allows the most updated version of the application to open when using the Dock shortcut. I am sorry I was not able to describe it more technically. Great solution! Thanks!!

Beta License prompt shows: Register Glyphs The Licenese [sic] expired. Please obtain a new license. Glyphs will run in Demo Mode. In the past downloading and installing the betatester04 license has worked. Is the beta testing period over?

The Beta testing period is almost over. I just uploaded a last beta license that will work for a couple of days until I get the non App Store purchase option up and running.

Georg Seifert