Installing plugins manually

I’m trying to install a plugin that is not available via the Plugin Manager so I’ve been trying to drag the file to the Plugins folder or double-clicking on it. When I restart Glyphs I get a message saying that it won’t open because the OS can’t verify the developer.

I googled the issue so found out that I have to authorize opening the file from the system settings.

Then I get a message from Glyphs asking me to confirm if I want to install the plug in.

Then I get this message:

The problem is that if I hit “Replace” all what the program does is delete the plugin from the folder and if I hit “Cancel” it leaves the file in the folder, but in any case, the plugin doesn’t work and when I restart Glyphs it sends me to the initial dialog. So it just keeps me going in circles.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The latest cutting edge version can manually install plugins. Please activate it in Preferences > Update > Show Cutting edge versions.