Instance custom parameters to make TNUM default

Hello, I have a project which has default (lf) figures (no suffix) and .tf variants. I want to export instances where the .tf figures are the defaults and the default figures get renamed to .lf.

Using Rename Glyphs to rename only swaps the figures, but I cannot make .lf figures. Is this somehow possible?


Use two Rename Glyphs custom parameters.

The first swaps the glyphs, e.g.,

The second renames the glyphs, e.g.,

Thank you. I was thinking about this but assumed that Rename Glyphs requires the swapped glyphs to already exist in the font (as in, I need to already have .lf present in the font). Thanks!

Follow-up: Does adding Update Features automatically add the LNUM feature after this?

Yes! (Well, the pnum feature.) Add Remove Features and Update Features custom cparameters at the end, like this:

That’s exactly what I did, and I just tested it twenty seconds ago. All works. Thanks a lot!