instance.generate(Format="TTF", UseProductionNames=False) doesn't work

Glyphs 2.4.1 (976)

For GSInstance.generate, the parameter UseProductionNames=False doesn’t have effect when Format="TTF". (Either from Python scripting or AppleScript/JavaScript scripting.)

(I used to specify font.customParameters["Don't use Production Names"] = True as a workaround in Python scripting. But now when I do AppleScript/JavaScript, custom parameters are not exposed. And I’m not able to manually add "Don't use Production Names": True to fontinfo.plist either due to ufoLib's validation… :frowning:)

The issue has been reported once here:

Also, a related (?) issue (now I know two involved characters — CR/U+000D and NBSP/U+00A0) has been reported once:

Sorry that it took so long. I fixed this. Now the UseProductionNames argument will work for TrueType, too.

Awesome! Since it doesn’t work in the latest cutting-edge version 2.4.2 (1035) yet (just did a test), I suppose I should keep an eye on future changelogs?
Btw, see you soon in Shanghai. :wink:

As of 2.4.2 (1036), the Python scripting argument UseProductionNames works, but the JavaScript scripting argument useproductionnames still doesn’t work, and the issue of forcing renaming CR, .null, nonbreakingspace, etc, to uniXXXX still exists.