Instance panel bug doesn't show entire instance name?

Instance panel bug doesn’t show entire instance name when I expand the name section? It stays the same as before the name section was expanded, which makes it hard to know the instance name. See uploaded screen shot.

I recently updated to version 2.6.6(1346) running on MacOS Catalina 10.15.6

This is fixed in the latest cutting edge version.

This bug has returned in the latest version of Glyphs 2.6.6 (1350). Any chance of fixing this during the transition period from Glyphs 2 to Glyphs 3?

What happens when you make the instance list really small and then big again?

Tried it making the list really small and then big again several times and nothing happens.

What localization are you using?

By localization do you mean operating system? Country? Language? I am using Mac OS Catalina Version 10.15.7 in the United States, English Language. Disable Localization is checked in user settings?

Thank you for fixing this! I am looking forward to transitioning to the Glyphs 3.