Instance value randomly jumping

Hi, currently I am working on a three-master single-axis setup with a 2-unit hairline as my first master. Masters are at 2-30-200 and I have some instances defined across this weight axis. One of those is set at 2 for Hair. Strangely, though, at some point, the first instance is assigned some random value, instead of 2. It is usually 200 (my axis maximum), but I have also had completely random decimal values such as 68.92 assigned. Unfortunately, I’m not able to reliably reproduce this feature, but every once in a while I check on my instances window and the first instance is back to some random value. This also means exporting the font as instances gives me a very bold Hair. All other instances (from Light to Black in my case) work fine. Exporting as GX is not affected by this and works correctly.

Are there any technicalities I’m missing? Thanks!

So the value in Font Info > Instance is jumping? That shouldn’t be.
What version of Glyphs do you have?
Is there anything specific that you do that triggers this? Any plugins?

Correct. I am running Glyphs 2.6.1. Just as I was about to take a screenshot I found out what the problem was: I use OTVarPlayer by @mekkablue (fantastic plugin!) and for some obscure reason, the instance value of my thinnest master is directly affected by it. When I drag the slider, the value in Font Info > Instances is immediately changed. Even extremely smoothly, I might add, it looks really nice.

Nice as it looks, though, I would be intrigued to find out what causes this, as I’d love to keep my Hair instance at 2. All I can add is that this was not an issue in previous Glyphs versions, but I’m not sure where this problem is caused. Thanks!

It temporarily changes the instance value in order to create the animation. It should snap back into its original value as soon as you close it again.

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Thanks, that resolves the issue. I always had OTVarPlayer open during export, but when closed, the instance value jumps back. Then that answers my question, thank you very much!

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