Instance Width Differences Between Versions

Hello. I recently remade some fonts using the latest version of Glyphs. For a few glyphs, the new fonts had some advance widths changing by 1 unit compared to the previous fonts I had generated. The original fonts had been generated with an earlier version of Glyphs. I don’t know which version precisely, but if I go back to version 1340, then the widths are the same as original.
This change in widths appears to occur during the interpolation of instances. Most widths are unchanged. I guess there’s been some rounding change in interpolation process between versions?
Ideally I’d like interpolated widths to not change between versions, even if it is just 1 unit. I suspect there’s not much that can be done though?

Regards, Alistair

There was a bug in the export of the spacing. I have fixed that.

Thank you Georg.