Instances aren't generating

hi all. I’m working on a family in ten weights, which began with masters at Light (100) and Bold (900). I’m working on sketching out the movement between weights, and just added a new master, SemiBold (600)—but now that I’ve added that master, the instances aren’t generating. I only see this:

that’s all 3 masters showing correctly in Edit, but only the original 2 showing in preview.

there should be 6 instances (including the first 2 masters) followed by 3 more instances (including the last master), looking like so:

(that’s using a bracket layer to fake the demibold)

this was working as expected until I added the SemiBold Master, so i suspect I might’ve done something Glyphs wasn’t expecting. help?

I’m using 2.4b (926), btw.

thanks much!

Can you send us the .glyphs file (to support at this domain)?

on its way; thanks much. it’ll be coming from

It seems that the masters have to be compatible, too. Your semibold master does not have any alignment zones. I have a look to improve this.

that fixed it. thanks for looking, Georg.

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