Instances shift on osf-figure but not on lf (solved)


I’m sure the answer is a simple one, but I’ve spent over an hour researching and testing and have not come up with a solution: When I create instances, my old style figure 8, which consists of two overlapping circles, shifts toward the center. The lining figure 8, which looks identical albeit with some different proportions, does not.

What am I doing wrong? I have a thin and regular master that is being interpolated from.

lining figure

old style

Well, never mind then. Just when you think to ask for help, the embarrassingly simple solution falls to your lap:

The Black Master and Thin Master were not compatible, which I somehow did not notice. The instances tried to interpolate from the bottom circle to the top one, creating movement.

Which makes me wonder, should I not have created the Regular Master at all? Apparently, the Thin and Black Masters are used for the interpolation.

You don’t need a Regular master is you like the shape of the interpolation. And if there are problems in only a few glyphs, you can add brace layers. Read the Multiple Master tutorials:

Thanks for the reply. I started with the Regular Master and became hesitant to give it up, but now that I’ve started creating the interpolations I realize how simple it is to create a Regular instance from the extremes and how much nicer it is to pick a proper stem width for it in retrospect.

Brace layers are simply wonderful! Love the app.