Instances with Filters

So I have successfully set up different masters. in one font 2 in antother 4 of them.

Wanted to export a shadowed version.

All fine but the letters made with components.
added. Did not help.

Has anyone of you Wonderfull people and geeks out there had the same problems?

Any reason you disabled the first two filters.

You can add an “include:a,b,c…” to the shadow filter. Add a list of all glyphs that are not components.

Thank you Georg

Reason was: trying anything possible to achieve goal.

Result still the same.

can I decompose all glyphs prior to using filters? But even breve is doubling the shadow.

That may be a preview issue. Does the exported font have the same issue?

Thanks. You’re right. Exported font seems to do just fine.

Sometimes I feel like a dummy for having asked. there has been other issues so I had to change path directsions for some glyphs. And I have been inpatient, obviously.

My bad. Thanks for suggestion.

Your “include” is wrong. It needs to be